Dr. Kern

Health through heat and light
Dr Kern is a manufacturer of soothing wellness products. Realising that heat and light are the best recipe for one's well-being, Dr Kern develops infrared lamps, saunas, steam cabins, and solariums along with the appropriate accessories. With its wellness products, Dr Kern pays particular attention to a successful combination of innovative technology, exceptional design, and top quality – and all that close to the customer. At Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you will find high-quality sauna accessories from Dr Kern, from infusion buckets to ladles to climate analysers.
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Dr Kern: exclusivity in design and technology

Revitalising the body, relaxing, and feeling good: what is often lacking, Dr Kern returns to the everyday life of its customers with well-being products. Dr Kern's decades of experience and know-how in all areas of heat and light technology form the basis of that unique concept.

Regular sauna or steam bath sessions stimulate blood circulation, strengthen the body's own immune and defence system, and increase general well-being. With the high-quality Dr Klein accessories for sauna and steam bath, you will achieve a pleasant, soothing, and healthy penetration to the muscles.

As a pioneer in light therapy and specifically in the UV and tanning industry, Dr Kern manufactures exclusive solariums. The health-promoting light therapy is a true wellness treat. Buy the matching Dr Klein body fan for a pleasant climate in the solarium at a low price in Sport-Tiedje's online shop.

Innovation in infrared technology: the patented Dr Kern infrared lamps, which are almost perfectly modelled on the natural infrared spectrum of the sun, provide well-being through healthy and natural heat. The optimal effectiveness of the radiators has been confirmed by the renowned Seibersdorf Institute in Austria.

The Dr Kern success story

Dr Kern looks back on a long history: as early as 1956, physicist Dr Josef Kern began researching, developing, and producing sunlamps, facial tanners, quartz infrared heaters, air-ozone converters, and UV lamps for therapeutic and analytical purposes. From that research focus, he founded the company Dr Kern in Germany in 1969. The development of the first solarium with high-pressure burner technology and the introduction of sunbeds and sunroofs in low-pressure technology can be traced back to Dr Kern's commitment. Dr Kern expanded its product range in 1984 with the acquisition and subsequent integration of MASPO, a specialist in the fields of health, fitness, care, and massage. Since 2015, Dr Kern has been part of Alpha Industries, the global leader in wellness technology. Dr Kern thus completes the portfolio of the producer of sauna, infrared, and steam cabins along with solariums.
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