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Behind the brand Gymbox are products that make functional training more effective. With the aspiration to offer the best functional workout products in the world, Gymbox wishes to fill the gap on the market of very good quality at an affordable price. Better handling, user-friendly optimisations, and the special shape for a more varied workout set Gymbox fitness equipment apart from standard products for functional training. At Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you will find a well-rounded product portfolio of Gymbox from the Smashbell to the Sandbax to the sling trainer.
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Innovation from Gymbox

Gymbox observes the trends on the fitness market and gets the inspiration for new products there. At the same time, the company relies on feedback from its customers and partners to continuously improve Gymbox fitness equipment. Fun during the workout is always in first place for Gymbox, as that is the only way goals can be achieved effectively.

For example, the Gymbox Smashbell was the first kettlebell made of fabric – in many ways an innovative improvement on the kettlebells previously available on the market. In its combination of medicine ball and kettlebell, it offers the greatest workout variety and faster athletic success with reduced risk of injury. At the same time, the firm nylon material protects the floor when the Gymbox Smashbell is set down - ideal for working out at home.

Gymbox: more than just training

An innovative piece of fitness equipment is only half the battle; knowing how to work out properly with it is just as important: if you make your workout more effective, you will reach your personal goal faster. To that end at Gymbox, a team of experts from different industries and sports fills the portfolio of training possibilities for Gymbox fitness equipment. A variety of exercises and workout plans are available to users.
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