The American company Ivanko is an internationally successful manufacturer of fitness items for weight training. Specialising in the production of barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates, Ivanko has driven numerous innovations in that segment and set new quality standards. For good reason, Ivanko's illustrious customer base includes leading training institutions, professional teams of various sports, and fitness studios around the world. Private users also benefit from Ivanko's long-standing collaboration with fitness and sports experts. By always being at the cutting edge of science and technology, Ivanko has been able to continuously improve its product range and adapt it to the changing needs of its users. There, high quality and workmanship come upon excellent functionality. With Ivanko products, you will literally take your personal weight training to a new level. Ivanko fitness items – order now from Sport-Tiedje's online shop at a low price.
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Ivanko fitness equipment: weight training for the highest demands

Among excellent products for weight training, Ivanko weight plates make the difference. In search of the perfect weight training, Ivanko sets the highest standards itself in the production of its weight plates in order to make every exercise with them something special. In addition to impeccable casting quality and excellent durability, weight plates made by Ivanko convince users with a professionally polished surface and maximum accuracy in weight. They are also excellently balanced, offering you maximum workout comfort. Ivanko does not compromise on the finish of its products either - quality features that are noticeable during every weight training session with Ivanko and have made the brand the first choice in many international competitions. Whether at home in the private gym or at the fitness studio: in Ivanko, you will find the ideal partner for your weight training at the highest level.

Ivanko fitness equipment: half a century of fitness expertise

Behind the premium quality of Ivanko products is the Ivanko Barbell Company. That company was founded in 1967 and has since found its way into countless fitness studios, private households, sports facilities, hotels, and professional sports clubs around the globe. The American football team Denver Broncos and the hotel chain Hilton Hotels, for example, trust Ivanko's great fitness expertise. The company is headquartered in San Pedro, California.
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