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Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935

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  • incl. Tri-Bundle € 619,00
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Dettagli del prodotto: Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935

  • First-class pulse watch for cardio sportsmen and triathletes
  • Highlights – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Advancement of the Forerunner 920XT now with visual pulse measuring on the wrist
    • Multi-sport watch with many types of sport
    • Change of type of sport at the touch of a button
    • Slim, sporty, and light design
    • Compatible with the Running Dynamics Pod for more precise analysis of the running efficiency
    • Performance Widget summarises training effects and warns of over/under training if required
    • weighs just 49 g
    • Calculates, i. e., the anaerobic threshold, VO2Max, recovery periods
    • Display is multiply adjustable
    • MIP display (Memory in Pixel) with low battery consumption, transflective: well to read even in direct sunlight
  • Wide-range functions for training measuring and structuring, among other things, GPS functions with track, distance, pace
  • Special programmes and functions for many types of sport, i. e., running, trekking, indoor sports, swimming, golfing, cycling, indoor cycling, skiing, and many more
  • Waterproof up to 5 ATM (corresponds to a test pressure in 50 metres); suitable as swimming/triathlon watch
  • Sturdy, high-quality case with bezel and case made of fibre-reinforced polymer, comfortable-to-wear silicone wristband
  • Sensors – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • GPS and GLONASS
    • Heart rate measuring on the wrist (Garmin Elevate technology)
    • Barometric altimeter
    • Compass
    • Gyroscope
    • Acceleration sensor
    • Thermometer
  • Watch functions – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Time/date
    • GPS time synchronising
    • Automated summer time
    • Alarm
    • Timer
    • Stopp watch
    • Times for sunset and sunrise
  • Smartwatch functions – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Connect IQ: Apps, Designs, Widgets for download
    • Smart Notifications, i.e., calls or emails
    • Weather
    • Music functions
    • Create your own display design with Face It, i.e., download own photos on the display
    • Find my phone
    • Remote control VIRB
    • Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile
  • Fitness tracker functions – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Pedometer
    • Inactivity alarm
    • Sleep monitoring (sleeping times, measuring whether it's a calm or restless sleep)
    • Calorie consumption
    • Conquered floors / covered distance
    • Duration of physical activity / intensity minutes
  • Heart rate functions – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Heart rate zones and alarms
    • Measuring on the wrist (or per separately available chest strap)
    • Recording of heart rate while swimming with separately available HRM-Tri chest strap
    • Test of the heart rate variability for determining the fitness level
    • Calculation of the HRmax and displaying the % HRmax
  • Running function – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Pre-installed running profiles: running, indoor running, trail running
    • Distance, time, pace, route tracking
    • Evaluation of running efficiency
    • With separately accessory: floor contact time, vertical movement (step height), step length in real time
    • Cadence
    • Measuring your fitness level: compares your performance with your average fitness level after having run six to 20 minutes
    • Supports speed/cadence sensor – separately available
  • Improvement of running efficiency by measuring cadence, floor contact time, vertical movement, VO2 max. as well as calculation, and recovery guide:
    • Cadence – The higher the cadence, the more efficient and more joint-gentle is the running style
    • Vertical movement – The lower the up and down movement while running, the less energy is required. The target is rather to "slide" than to "jump" while running.
    • Floor contact time – this value indicates in milli seconds how long the foot touches the floor. The shorter the floor contact time, the quicker and more efficient the run.
  • Outdoor functions – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Many training profiles, i.e.: climbing, hiking, stand-up paddling, rowing machine or tactical use
    • Point-to-Point-navigation
    • Route recording in real time and back-to-start function
    • UltraTrac: mode especially for ultra-long-distance-runners; records up to 60 hours of training
    • Barometer: height profile, storm warning, weather trend
    • Measuring of vertical speed, ascent/descent in total
  • Cycling functions – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Pre-installed bike profiles, i. e. mountain biking, triathlon
    • Compatibility with Strava
    • Compatible with further sensors like cadence sensor
    • All GPS functions like speed or track
    • Interval training
    • Lap sensor
  • Swimming training, i.e., with pre-installed swimming profiles, lane determination, efficiency of strokes (SWOLF), swimming style determination, distance measuring, and many more
  • Wide-range golf functions: distance to the green, statistics storing, golf stroke width measuring, etc.
  • Internal memory of 64 MB:
    • 1000 waypoints
    • 30 routes
    • 200 hours of track recording
  • Display specifications – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • MIP display (Memory in Pixel), transflective: well to read even in direct sunlight
    • Display size: 1.2 inches / 30.5 mm in diameter
    • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Lithium ions battery,, lifetime:
    • Smart mode: up to 14 days
    • GPS/HR mode: up to 24 hours
    • UltraTrac mode: up to 60 hours
  • Material – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Watch glass: glass
    • Bezel: fibre reinforced polymer
    • Case: fibre reinforced polymer
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, WLAN
  • Sizes:
    • 47 x 47 x 13.9 mm
    • 49 g
  • Scope of delivery – Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935:
    • Standard: Forerunner 935, charging/data cable,short guide
    • Tri-Bundle: Forerunner 935 with yellow wristband, charging/data cable, HRM-Tri chest strap, HRM Swim chest strap, quick start holder, black replacement wristband, short guide

Descrizione: Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935

The Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 is a first-class training computer on the wrist. Thanks to its sporty design and the plastic case, the Forerunner 935 just weighs 49 g. The Forerunner offers the possibility of visual pulse measuring, GPS position determination as well as many sport and multi-sport modes, i. e., for the triathlon. If you prefer, the Garmin Forerunner can even be your personal coach and warns you of over or under training.

Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 – a sporty statement on the wrist

The Garmin Forerunner 935 is designed for cardio sportsmen, multi-sportsmen, and triathletes. Its range of functions is as good as that of the top model of the Garmin training computers, the Fenix 5 - however, it only differs in design. Instead of metal, plastic is used for the case. It offers the advantage that the Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 weighs only 49 g. It is a bit borne by the design - those, who attach more importance to design, might compare the Forerunner 935 with the Fenix 5.

Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 – perfect for running analysis

The Forerunner 935 is equipped with two positioning systems for a precise position determination: GPS and Glonass. Covered distances can be precisely recorded and important data like speed or distance are precisely measured. An integrated altimeter and the compass ensure that you never become lost – perfect for trail running.

The Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 can also be connected with the Running Dynamics Pod of Garmin. It measures six important data for the running performance. Strengthes and weaknesses can be specifically identified and you can work on it.

Big, individually configurable display

The display is very big with 240 x 240 pixels. It can be individually configured. The Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 is automatically synchronised with the platform Garmin connect. Via the portal, data fields can be adjusted, so that you can monitor the values, which are important for you, for every type of sport. Furthermore, further Apps can be installed on the Forerunner 935, i.e., NUUN or AccuWeather. The weather functions are especially practical, when you plan longer outdoor sessions.

For competition sportsmen, the connection to Strava is very interesting. Provided an account is given, the watch shows live how quickly you conquere the track or you let display the highscore list for tracks and use those as additional motivation.

Pulse measuring on the wrist and many other personal performance data

Like the most modern training computers, the Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 is equipped with a visual pulse measuring on the wrist; it is also available as a bundle with the chest strap HRM-Tri, which even records the heart rate in water and the cadence. In addition, the Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 offers wide-range functions for determining and analysing the own performance data and progress.

The anaerobic threshold as well as the VO2max can be determined. That's the maximum oxygen intake capacity of the blood and an excellent indicator of your cardio capacity.

The Performance Widget helps to display clearly and easily accessibly many performance data. That includes, i.e., the training level, the training intensity, a recovery guide.

Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935: solo or in a powerful bundle

The Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935 is available as single watch or in the Performance Bundle. In addition to the watch, the Performance Bundle includes an additional wristband (yellow and black) as well as a swim chest strap, and the triathlon chest strap of Garmin.

Condizioni di garanzia: Garmin GPS multi-sport pulse watch Forerunner 935

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pl da Rafał al 21.4.2018 5 Variante: incl. Tri-Bundle
Niesamowity sprzęt, bardzo dobre wykonanie i dodatkowe funkcjonalności ułatwiające życie. Ilość danych jakie można uzyskać jest wręcz przytłaczająca. Nie sposób ich przerobić. Godny polecenia, jedyną wadą jest... cena.
de da Bettina Polland al 12.3.2018 5
Die Uhr war ein Geschenk für meinen Mann und er ist vollkommen begeistert... alles richtig gemacht. Das bringt sein Training auf eine neue Stufe.
de da Anonym al 5.3.2018 5
Leicht, angenehm zu tragen, übersichtlich und sehr gut ausgestattet, was will man mehr? Die F 935 macht auch neben der Strecke eine gute Figur und kann problemlos im Büro getragen werden.
es da Rafa al 12.2.2018 5
Un reloj muy bueno , tanto para triatletas , como para cualquier deporte. Con muchas personalizaciones y sinfín de datos. Muy ligero y cómodo. Lo recomiendo al 100%. Por ponerle algún defecto, creo que el precio es un poquito alto en relación a otras marcas de su categoría.
de da Ingo Dirks al 1.2.2018 5 Variante: without chest strap (black)
Als erstes vielen Dank an Sport Tiedje in Schleswig. Sehr nette und kompetente Beratung. Da ich schon zwei Uhren von Garmin in meinem Besitz habe, bin ich mit der Menüführung sehr schnell zurcht gekommen. Sogar die persönlichen Grunddaten wurden übernommen. Vorraussetzung ist natürlich die Garmin APP und ein Konto... [continuare a leggere]. Somit ging die Inbetriebnahme sehr schnell von statten. Die Uhr läßt sich wirklich sehr gut tragen, trotz schmalerem Armband zu der vorherigen Uhr (Vivoactiv HR) Das Display ist sehr gut ablesbar und die Beleuchtung kann mit Stufe 100% sehr hell eingestellt werden. Ich habe sie auf 30% und das ist vollkommen ausreichend. Die Möglichkeiten der Uhr sind wirklich sehr umfassend. Man muss sich damit beschäftigen. Die Daten, Tipps und Prognosen, die aufgrund der Aktivitäten erstellt werden, sind schon recht genau. Alle Sensoren wie Bluetooth, WLAN, Barometer, Puls, Schrittzähler und die Brustgurtanbindungen arbeiten zuverlässig. Der Akku hält lange durch. Nach viel Spielerei mit den Einstellungen und 2,5 Stunden GPS-Gebrauch hat sie nach 5 Tagen noch 45%. Es ist zwar viel Geld für eine Sportuhr, aber ich möchte sie nicht mehr missen. Ich bin rundum zufrieden. Nun hoffe, dass es auch auf lange Sicht so bleibt. Ich kann sie weiterempfehlen. [meno indicazioni]

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