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Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR)

Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR) 14 Valutazioni dei Clienti
ArtNr. GA-01174-10
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14 Valutazioni dei Clienti
4.86 di 5 stelle

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Breve descrizione: Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR)
Garmin 920XT - the revolutionary triathlon GPS watch!
La descrizione di questo prodotto non é ancora disponibile nella Vostra lingua. Ci stiamo lavorando. Se avete delle domande sul prodotto, telefonate ad uno dei nostri consulenti per la Clientela al: 069 480 9816
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Dettagli del prodotto: Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR)

  • GPS multi sport watch (running, swimming cycling) with high comfort (just 61g)!
  • Activity related user interface
  • Highly sensitive GPS with quick GPS-Fix
  • Highly sensitive colour display for perfect readability in all weathers
  • Running prognosis and running efficiency values for improving the running technique (Premium chest strap HRM-Run is required)
    • Cadence
    • Vertical movement
    • Floor contact time
  • Cadence - The higher the cadence, the more efficient and more joint-gentle is the running style.
  • Vertical movement - The lower the up-and-down movement while running, the less energy is required. The target is rather "to slide" than "to bounce" while running.
  • Floor contact time - this values indicates in milliseconds, how long the foot touches the floor. The shorter the floor contact time, the quicker and more efficient is the run.
  • VO2 max. determination and recovery guide (Premium chest strap HRM-Run is required)
  • Barometric altimeter for exact performance estimation by altimeter information like ascent or vertical speed
  • Extended running and cycling functions.
  • Extended swimming training functions for indoor and outdoor (style detection, number of strokes, stroke effectivity and many more)
  • Integrated accelerometer of the HRM-Run chest strap (optionally available as HR-Bundle) calculates the distance for indoor training without requiring a running sensor!
  • Smart Notifications: indicates emails, SMS, and other alarms when linked with a compatible martphone
  • Integrated activity tracker functions:
    - Step counter
    - Automatic target (assign a target of the day. Depending upon successes, the target is adapted for the next day.)
    - Sleep observation (observes the total sleeping time and times of movement or of restful sleep) - Inactivity bar (if you are inactive too long, the fitness band motivates to be more active; the bar is reset after respective movement duration)
  • Complete connectivity thanks to WLAN, Ant+, and Bluetooth Smart
  • Connectivity
    • ANT+ interface offers data exchange with external sensors (cadence, temperature, watt)
    • Messages like emails, SMS or calls directly to the watch (from iPhone 4S)
    • Bluetooth Smart for Smartphone communication with the BaseCamp and Garmin Connect Mobile App + LiveTracking (from iPhone 4S or higher; Android from 4.3.3.)
  • Performances and technologies
    • Dimensions: 48 x 55 x 12.7 mm ; display size: 29 x 21 mm
    • Display resolution: 205 x 148 px
    • Weight: 61 g
    • Battery: Lithium ions
    • Operating time watch mode: 4 months
    • Operating time GPS training mode: up to 24 hrs.
    • Waterproof: 50 m (5 ATM)
    • PC/Mac data transfer: data cable
    • Configurable data pages
    • Waypoints: 100
    • Lap course: 100 hours of activity data
  • Scope of delivery: Forerunner 920XT GPS watch, USB data/charge cable, power supply, instructions, Premium heart rate chest strap HRM-Run (optional; included in the HR-Bundle)

Descrizione: Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR)

Exercise like champions – with the new triathlon and multi sport watch of Garmin: Forerunner 920XT

Behind the functional design of the Forerunner 920XT you will find modern training functions like running efficiency, VO2max calculation, Live-Tracking, and Smartphone messages. The Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR) is equipped with a high-definition colour display, flexible wristbands, and an activity tracker. Despite extended functions, the Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR) is much lighter than its predecessor, the Forerunner 910XT.

More joint-gentle and more efficient run - with theForerunner 920XT multi sport watch!

Like the Garmin Forerunner 620 (as top model among running watches), the Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR) also informs about running efficiency data. Provided that you purchase the HR-Bundle including heart rate chest strap HRM-Run. The integrated acceleration sensor measures the movements of the chest and determines values like cadence. An external foot pod is no longer required. The up-and-down movement of running (vertical movement) as well as floor contact time are also determined. By means of those values, the current running style can be precisely analysed and continuously improved.

The Forerunner 920XT - popular among runners and triathletes.

As triathlon watch, the Forerunner 920XT offers a multitude of detailed functions for cycling and swimming, i.e., distance, pace, swimming style detection, number of swimming strokes, effect of activity on aerobic fitness, and many more.

Analyse, categorize, and compare training data via the online community Garmin Connect

Each worldwide done training session can be read in, analysed, and understood even after many years. In order to view the covered distance, different types of map can be chosen. Heart rate, height profile, burnt calories, times, progress overviews, speeds, and average speed - the Garmin Connect platform tells everything for a practical control of training and a detailed analysis for competitions.
Documenti sul prodotto in PDF

Condizioni di garanzia: Garmin GPS multi sport watch Forerunner 920XT (HR)

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4.86 di 5 stelle
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Cosa ne pensano gli altri Clienti:

fr da Didiet al 9.9.2016 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Rien a dire. Produit solide. GPS au top. Impeccable.
de da Anonym al 1.6.2016 5 Variante: without chest strap
Die Uhr ist meines Erachtens unschlagbar. Angenehm zu tragen (auch an dünneren Handgelenken) selbst bei der Größe nicht störend. Ist sehr leicht, hat unzählige Einstellmöglichkeiten und Auswertungen. Somit sollte sie für jeden Geschmack zu personalisieren sein. Einzig und allein finde ich "Garmin Connect" nicht ... [continuare a leggere]ganz optimal, aber da kann die Uhr nichts für. Ich persönlich nutze die Uhr z. Zt. nur fürs Laufen und später evtl. mal fürs Radfahren. Trotzdem ist die Uhr eine lohnende Investition, wenn man das gewisse Etwas haben möchte. [meno indicazioni]
de da Claudia R. al 10.5.2016 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Top Uhr. Aus meiner Sicht und zur optimalen Nutzung sollte der HRM Tri Pulsgurt zum Lieferumfang gehören....Sonst aber tolle Uhr und im Vergleich zu meinem Vorgänger (305) deutlich besser beim GOS-Empfang.
de da Anonym al 10.5.2016 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Top Uhr. Als Triatlonuhr sollte aus meiner Sicht jedoch entweder der HRM Tri Pulsgurt oder aber der HRM Run und HRM Swim im Bundle beinhaltet sein, um die Uhr optimal nutzen zu können. So ist man irgendwann gezwungen, einen weiteren Pulsgurt anzuschaffen. Aber mit dem HRM Run funktioniert sie einwandfrei beim Laufen u... [continuare a leggere]nd Radfahrern, ohne Aussetzer bei GPS oder Herzfrequenz. Mein Vorgänger (305) war beim GPS-Empfang deutlich langsamer. Ansonsten schicke Uhr in rot und weiß. [meno indicazioni]
es da Aurelio al 26.4.2015 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
La mejor compra q he echo.
fr da Alain G al 20.4.2015 5 Variante: without chest strap
Une montre GPS qui a tout ce qu'on peut rechercher. Facile d'utilisation et de paramétrage, satellites captés immédiatement, précision dans les parcours. Le plus génial, la cadence donnée à la fin des séances de run, ça permet de s'améliorer. Je suis simplement ravi de mon achat
dk da Mette Fallesen al 18.4.2015 5 Variante: without chest strap
Et super godt TRI ur,meget nøjagtig, hurtig GPS modtagelse, SÅ fedt ved anvendelse indendørs (spec svømning) Det bedste ur jeg har haft hidtil Var lidt spændt på str i forhold til min arm, da jeg har meget tynde håndled, men det at det er kvadratisk gør at det passer perfekt. At ENTER knappen sidder foran og ik... [continuare a leggere]ke på siden er rigtig godt og gør det nemt at trykke start/ stop.Har allerede set at der kan købes fede nye urremme til (thumbs up) Har ikke noget negativt :-) [meno indicazioni]
se da Martin Larsson al 3.4.2015 4 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Klockan är väldigt bra, den största nyheten för mig är användningen i simbassäng där den användas att räkna antal längder och slag osv. Den har även intressanta funktioner för löpning, som kadens m.fl. Batteritiden är kanske inte så bra som utlovats, men jag har använt den på den mest batterikrävan... [continuare a leggere]de inställningen. [meno indicazioni]
se da Ulrik al 31.3.2015 4 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Den har det jag behöver. Hade dock gärna haft avläsning av puls vid simning. Laddningen håller väldigt länge. Sidoknapparna kunde ha varit mer distinkta. Ska koppla upp den mot fart- och kadenssensor snart och hoppas på att det positiva omdömet håller i sig.
dk da Morten frederiksen al 30.3.2015 5 Variante: without chest strap
Det perfekte løbeur Til mit behov.
fr da Alain al 18.3.2015 5 Variante: without chest strap
Excellent produit. Affichage clair et rapide. Facilité à programmer les séances d'entrainement, aucune difficulté à passer d'un sport à l'autre en biathlon, légère et agréable, prise de satellites immédiates, que du bonheur ! La 920XT est le digne successeur de la 910XT et devient la référence des montres G... [continuare a leggere]PS. [meno indicazioni]
dk da David vest al 17.3.2015 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
intiutiv betjening, nemt at sætte op. Et hav af muligheder for optimal træning. I forhold til 910xt sker data overførsel meget lettere.
dk da Lars Ejaas al 17.3.2015 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Nok det bedste løbeur på markedet lige pt.! Jeg opgraderede fra et Forerunner 620 som desværre havde en del softwarefejl, og først virkede tilfredsstillende efter 10 måneder. Forerunner 920xt virker meget mere gennemført, og da det både virker som smartwatch og har mulighed for at man kan installere IQ apps fr... [continuare a leggere]a Garmin er der virkelig rig mulighed for at man selv kan tilpasse uret. Med Glonass satelitter aktiveret er uret desuden markant mere nøjagtigt end mit tidligere ur (kan f.eks. tydeligt se efterfølgende hvilken side af vejen jeg løb i). Eneste andet ur der er værd at overveje er nok Fenix 3 - synes bare vægten bliver for høj på uret til løbebrug. (Men er bestemt værd at overveje til outdoorbrug og trailløb). [meno indicazioni]
dk da Mathias Kristensen al 16.3.2015 5 Variante: HR (incl. chest strap)
Opfylder de forventede krav, nem og intuitiv betjening - et super ur fra Garmin!

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