Nordic Track Incline X32i Treadmill

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  • Console: 32-inch HD touchscreen
  • iFit Family - 30 days free trial
  • Interactive training with iFit technology
  • MP3 connector
  • Integrated loudspeakers
  • Push-bar handles
  • Extra-long and shock-absorbing running deck
  • Adjustment of the speed with speed control
  • Autobreeze fan
  • Peso max. utente: 136 kg
  • Dimensioni - Nordic Track Incline X32i Treadmill: (L) 196 cm x (l) 102 cm x (A) 185 cm
  • Dati tecnici:
    • DC-Motore: 4.25 Resistenza costante - CV
    • Superficie di corsa: 165 x 55 cm
    • Velocità: 0 - 22 km/h
    • inclinazione: -6 - 40 %
  • Computer di allenamento:
    • Display: tempo, distanza, Velocità, inclinazione, velocità in mph (pace), Calorie, polso
  • Dotazione:
    • Misurazione della frequenza cardiaca: sensori palmari, cintura toracica
    • Cintura toracica per la misurazione telemetrica della frequenza cardiaca inclusa
    • Accessori: Ventilatore, Interfaccia PC

NordicTrack X32i Incline Trainer – Even more inclination and even more entertainment

With the Nordic Track Incline X32i Treadmill, you experience the training on a 32-inch touch screen display. In addition, the incline function up to 40% and the declining slope up to -6% offers a highlight of training options that are second to none.
Thanks to the very quiet and at the same time powerful 4.25 HP motor, upward and downward slopes from mountain and valley landscapes are faithfully reflected. Climb the peaks or hike downhill at your own pace. In the same way, the Nordic Track Incline X32i Treadmill offers you the option to sprint up to a maximum of 22 km/h and to walk to your limit at any inclination.* The greater the inclination, the more calories your body burns. The easy speed adjustment through One Touch Speed Control facilitates the operation especially at a high running speed.
By varying the inclination when exercising on the Nordic Track Incline X32i Treadmill, you can target different muscle groups in your body. The steep inclinations not only drive up calorie consumption, but also provide very effective training stimuli in the gluteal muscles.
*When the inclination is less than 0% or the slope is more than 15.5% at a high speed setting, the treadmill speed will automatically decrease.

Features of the NordicTrack New X32i Incline Trainer

The Nordic Track Incline X32i Treadmill has extensive features. All training data such as calories, distance, inclination, speed, heart rate and completed time are clearly displayed on the huge 32-inch HD touch display. In addition, you can experience individual virtual training on the large screen.
By using the so-called push-bar handles, an additional movement is made possible, which makes the training even more powerful and guarantees a great freedom of movement. Whether your goals are metabolic conditioning, speed improvement or muscle strengthening, the X32i Incline Trainer will help you achieve them.

iFit app – your personal fitness experience at home

Thanks to the immense touchscreen in HD quality, entertainment is not neglected when training with the NordicTrack Incline Trainer X32i. The iFit Coach app (30-day free trial) offers you a wide range of indoor and outdoor options, as well as over 400 workout programs that are constantly updated with new videos.
A virtual coach also provides an individual and interactive training atmosphere that prevents boredom. Finally, you have access to virtual individual training whenever you want! From cross-training in exotic locations in Hawaii or in the Alps to the thrill of a group studio workout, you can try something new everyday. Speed and gradient are controlled digitally and automatically according to the video. Also, get personalised workouts and advice on training, activity, nutrition and sleep whenever you want.

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