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Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR

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  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR Immagine del prodotto
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR Immagine del prodotto
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR Immagine del prodotto
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR Immagine del prodotto

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Breve descrizione: Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR
Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR: The first multi-sport watch of Suunto, which offers a visual heart rate measuring via the wrist!
La descrizione di questo prodotto non é ancora disponibile nella Vostra lingua. Ci stiamo lavorando. Se avete delle domande sul prodotto, telefonate ad uno dei nostri consulenti per la Clientela al: 069 480 9816
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Dettagli del prodotto: Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR

  • {var:Bezeichnung}: The first multi-sport watch of Suunto, which offers a visual heart rate measuring via the wrist!
  • The first sport watch of Suunto with visual heart rate measuring via the wrist!
  • Patented, biometric measuring technique (PerformTek) with market-leading precision!
  • Stable and elegant multi-sport GPS watch for athletes and multi-sport adventurers; handmade in Finland!
  • NEW: Coloured touch screen (resolution: 320 x 300 px) for best overview and easy menu navigation
  • Materials: Glass made of mineral crystal, bezel made of stainless steel, case made of polyamid!
  • NEW: slim design with dimensions of 50 x 50 x 17mm and a weight of 74 g
  • With advanced outdoor and multi-sport functions (i. e., 80 pre-set sport modes with race and interval operation; multitude of sport specific indexes)
  • Recording the heart rate while swimming is possible (with the Suunto Smart sensor heart rate strap)
  • Battery lifetime with GPS turned on of up to 40 hours (depending upon the setting)
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - general functions and technical specifications:
    • Compatibility with Bluetooth Smart
    • Case material: polyamid
    • Case material: silicone
    • Battery type: Lithium ions
    • Waterproof: 100 m / 328 ft (according to ISO 6425)
    • Compatibel with PODS
    • Stop watch
    • Menu languages: EN, CS, DA, DE, ES, FI, FR, IT, JA, KO, NL, NO, PL, PT, RU, SV
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - GPS functions:
    • Satelitte systems: GPS; GLONASS (NEW)
    • Waypoint and graphic route navigation
    • Creation of Points of Interest (POI); max. 250 POIs
    • NEW: advanced route planning (i. e. with height profile via movescount.com)
    • NEW: Zoom navigation
    • Recording, displaying, and sharing of the track layout / route planning with movescout.com
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Heart rate functions:
    • Heart rate transmission
    • NEW: Recording of heart rate while swimming (via Suunto Smart Sensor)
    • Average heart rate in real time
    • Calories
    • Heart rate data in real time
    • Heart rate limit values
    • Sport specific / personal heart rate zones
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Connectivity:
    • Per computer connection (PC & MAC) in Movescount.com: Send and analyse training data / displaying and explaining courses and height profiles
    • Compatible with the mobile Suunto Movescount App (iOS: iPhone from 4S, iPad mini, iPad from 3rd generation and iPod Touch from 5th generation; Android from end of Septe,ber 2016)
    • Calls, SMS, push messages on the watch (with Movescount App)
    • Create and share of Suunto films (with Movescount App)
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions altimeter:
    • GPS altimetry
    • Range of altimeter -500 m to 9000 m / -1600 feet to 29500 feet
    • Automated alti/baro change
    • Recording interval: 1 s
    • Resolution: 1 m / 3 feet
    • Temperature compensation
    • Total ascent/descent: GPS based
    • Vertical speed: GPS based
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions compass:
    • Digital 3-D compass
    • Incline compensation
    • Bearing in cardinal points
    • Declination adjustment
    • Calibration instructions
    • Bearing in degree
    • North-south indicator
    • Compass resolution: 1°
    • Compass precision: 5°
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions watch:
    • 12/24h
    • Alarm with snooze function
    • Calendar watch
    • Daily alarms: 1
    • Displays two time zones
    • GPS Timekeeping
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions multi-sport:
    • Change the sport mode during the training
    • Pre-configured multi-sport modes
    • Multi-sport training summary on the watch
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions running:
    • Running speed
    • Suunto Fusedspeed
    • Running rhythm (via watch or foot pod)
    • Lap comparison
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions cycling:
    • Speed
    • Average speed in real time
    • Functions/displays with Power Sensor: Watt (real time, average, and maximum), bike lap, maximum lap performance, performance distribution, and charts, and many more
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - Functions swimming:
    • Speed and distance data for swimming in the pool and in open water
    • Recording of heart rate while swimming (via Suunto Smart sensor)
    • Swimming time according to lane length, lap, sum
    • Stroke rate, counter, and type
    • Stroke efficiency (SWOLF)
    • Automated intervals
  • Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - further functions:
    • NEW: Vibration alarm
    • Integrated activity tracker for monitoring the (everyday life) movements
    • Recommended recovery duration after the training (in consideration of the activity tracker)
  • Differences in favour of the big brother, the Suunto Spartan Ultra :
    • Even more high-quality materials (i. e., sapphire crystal glass)
    • Barometric altimetry with all its advantages (i. e., air pressure based measurings)
    • Wide-range weather functions
    • AppleMaps & Mapbox in iOS mobile and MapBox & Google Maps & Amap in Android
    • Longer battery lifetime

Descrizione: Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR: The first multi-sport watch of Suunto, which offers a visual heart rate measuring via the wrist.

Suunto completes the sporty Spartan collection by the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR - the heart rate is comfortably measured via the wrist. Although a chest strap does not need to be worn due to this patented biometric measuring technique (PerformTek), the precision of the data provided is market-leading according to the manufacturer: just 5% deviation in 89% of the time compared to a chest strap!
On request, the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR can still be connected with a compatible chest strap (i. e., the Suunto Smart sensor), which is available as accessory. It is very practical for types of sport like swimming.

Despite the integrated measuring technique, the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR only weighs 74 g and offers a depth of just 17mm. It makes it very comfortable to wear. It is also very durable thanks to the mineral crystal glass as well as bezel, slider, and buckle made of stainless steel. The inside of the Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR features the same outdoor-suitable colour touch screen, the clockwork, and the software like its recently presented big brother, the Suunto Spartan Ultra . The Spartan Sport is equipped with the same great sport and training specific functions for triathlon, running, cycling, and swimming like the Spartan Ultra.

Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR: Durable and ready for adventures

Like the Suunto Ultra, the Suunto Spartan SportWrist HR is also handmade in Finland, so it can even resist hardest conditions. The Suunto Sport is waterproof up to 100 m and is equipped with an extremely durable colour touch screen, which is also well to read in direct sunlight, and a glassfibre reinforced polyamid case. The Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR offers a battery lifetime of 10 hours (with one-second GPS fixed frequency in full performance) or 16 hours (with one-second GPS fixed frequency in the energy safe mode). The energy save settings are adjustable to opimise the battery lifetime depending upon the personal needs of every sportsman according to the sport mode.

Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR: Competence in sport

The Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR offers 80 pre-set sport modes with sport specific indexes and many displaying options for the training of sport types like running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, and diverse adventures like hiking or skiing. By means of GPS, FusedSpeed, and the integrated acceleration sensor, the Suunto Spartan Sport measures walking speed, speed, distance, and GPS based height. Of course, the Suunto Spartan Sport watch is equipped with special swimming functions like swimming pace, stroke counter, SWOLF, and heart rate while swimming.
By means of the training findings on the watch and on the Suunto Movescount-App, you can monitor exactly your training load, your recovery and resting phases as well as your progress and plan better your next training.

Strong in a community

Since June, this year, Suunto uses Big Data to gain valuable training findings for its customers. Suunto Movescount is enriched the trend of personal records, comparisons of the peer groups, and community training findings. These new community tools are available fror all users of Suunto Movescount.

Available in different versions - depending upon your requirements.

The Suunto Spartan Sport collection offers four models: white, black, blue, and sakura. Each of those is available with or without the Suunto Smart sensor for monitoring the heart rate.

Condizioni di garanzia: Suunto multi-sport watch Spartan Sport Wrist HR

Per i consumatori finali é valida la garanzia in base alle disposizioni generali di legge.

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4.6 di 5 stelle
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fi da Erik al 5.4.2018 4
Hyvä, helppokäyttöinen, laadukas ja tyylikäs sykemittari. Ainoa pini haaste tällä hetkellä on, että harjoituksen alussa sykemittaus ei toimi moitteettomasti.
cs da Karel al 26.11.2017 5
Opravdu vynikající, 100% spolehlivost a bezkonkurenční výdrž.
pl da Anonym al 10.11.2017 5
Jestem bardzo zadowolony z zegarka. Działa dobrze i bardzo dobrze sie prezentuje. Wykonany jest z dobrej jakości materiałów i dobrze dopasowywuje się do ręki. Nie liczy poprawnie odległości na basenie ale nie liczyłem, że będzie to dobrze działało. Mierzył tętno na basenie ale producent nie zaleca trakto... [continuare a leggere]wania tych pomiarów za dokładne. Ja uważam, że zemirzone wartości jak najbardziej są realne ale to już dyskusja akademicka. Do zakupu skłoniły mnie testy pomiaru tętna na nadgarstku, które wypadają lepiej niż u konkurencji. Ponadto cena w FITSHOP była bardzo dobra. [meno indicazioni]
pl da Bartkowski al 18.10.2017 5
Bardzo dobry zegarek, sprawdza się w każdym terenie. Dokładnie mierzy parametry. Godny polecenia produkt, znanej firmy. W tej cenie chyba najlepszy sprzęt na rynku. Jedynym niewielkim minusem może być czas pracy baterii, co jednak można wydłużyć poprzez wyłączenie niektórych funkcji. Największym plusem je... [continuare a leggere]st możliwość nawigacji treningu po trasie. [meno indicazioni]
de da Anonym al 12.10.2017 4
Die Uhr macht Spaß wurde auch gleich beim Spartan Race Sprint in Berlin getestet. Super ich empfehle hier aber immer eine Displayschutzfolie, auch wenn die Uhr selber jetzt eine Glasoberfläche hat, dann hat man lange etwas von der Uhr.
de da M. Melle al 5.8.2017 5
Habe die Uhr seit Mittwoch. Der erste Eindruck ist wirklich sehr gut. Die Verarbeitung sehr wertig. Das äußere Erscheinungsbild ist richtig gut. Die Bedienung intuitiv und kinderleicht. Der 1. Move mit der Uhr war auch überzeugend. Die von Suunto gewählten Anzeigen der einzelnen Monitore bei der Sportart sind gut g... [continuare a leggere]ewählt. Allerdings wäre es schön wenn man diese noch hier und da verändern könnte. Die HF Messung am Handgelenk scheint fürs erste sehr gut zu funktionieren. Alles in allem eine sehr schöne und gute Uhr mit Farbdisplay und Touchscreen (der übrigens beim Move sehr gut zu bedienen ist) die mich bis jetzt überzeugt hat. [meno indicazioni]
de da Anonym al 24.7.2017 5
Ich besitze eine Suunto Ambit 2s Ambit 2 Sapphire und eine Ambit 3 Sapphire Bin mit allen Uhren sehr zufrieden Die Spartan Sport Wrist HR ist aus meiner Sicht ein Quantensprung und meine Erwartungen daher sehr hoch Habe die Uhr heute 24 07 2017 erhalten und in Betrieb genommen Die Einrichtung mit dem neuen Suun... [continuare a leggere]to Link Programm hat mir sehr gut gefallen Auf der Uhr die Menüführung mit Touchscreen gefällt mir sehr gut Das Aussehen der Uhr finde total gelungen Wie sich die Uhr beim ersten Outdoortraining verhält dazu kann ich derzeit noch nichts schreiben Bei der Einrichtung der Uhr hat die GPS Verbindung aber sofort geklappt und ich hoffe das bleibt auch so : Der einzige Wermutstropfen ist der fehlende Barometer Wenn die Spartan Ultra Modelle mit Wrist HR erscheinen sollten werde ich wohl wieder aufrüsten : [meno indicazioni]
de da Werner Methe al 16.7.2017 5
Leicht bedienbare übersichtliche Sportuhr für jede sportliche Betätigung. Sportuhr SUUNTO Spartan Sport Weist HR ist die ideale Begleiterin für jede Sportart. Display ist gut ablesbar, Handbuch in deutsch steht als Download zur Verfügung - perfekte leicht verständliche Beschreibung. Auch der Support steht mit ra... [continuare a leggere]scher Hilfe kompetent zur Seite. Ich verwende meine Suunto zum Mountainbiking, Krafttraining, Laufen am Laufband, Wandern und Nordic Walking, [meno indicazioni]
cs da Martin al 28.6.2017 5
Povedený design, výborná výdrž baterie, pohodlný způsob měření srdečního tepu. Ideální společník pro ty kdo běhají, jezdí na kole a plavou.
fr da Anonym al 30.5.2017 3
bon produit, mais l'autonomie est faible

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