cardiojump trampolines – combine exercise and fun with outdoor garden trampolines or indoor fitness trampolines!
cardiojump trampolines offer young and old a great combination of fun and sports. Whether young and old want to let off steam outside on the garden trampoline or prefer to do so in the living room on the fitness trampoline – the trampolines by cardiojump provide great bounce, they are sturdy, and they are fun.
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cardiojump trampolines: the right answer to many questions!

  • Do you want to lose weight or keep fit in a way that is easy on the joints?
  • Do you want to offer your child (and yourself) a wonderful opportunity to combine play and sport in the fresh air?
  • Do you have a stubborn exercise mule at home that you cannot get off the sofa even with the most fantastic sporting suggestions?
If you have answered "yes" to even one of these questions, then cardiojump trampolines are worth a closer look. cardiojump offers high-quality trampolines for the garden along with excellent fitness trampolines for indoors – and at an unbeatable price-performance ratio to boot! Whether outdoor or indoor trampoline, cardiojump trampolines offer an excellent bounce, they look great, and they are very well equipped.

For example, the garden trampolines are delivered with a safety net and a ladder. The indoor trampolines with rubber rope suspension can also be optionally equipped with a handrail. That can provide more safety for untrained people or serve as an additional workout option during particularly intense jumping sessions.

Trampolines – in the garden or in the gym – are fitness and / or play equipment that really suits everyone and also does something for everyone. To list just a few examples:

Trampolines are the perfect fitness equipment for those who do not like sports, as exercising on cardiojump equipment does not feel like sports at all. Above all, it is fun and brings the positive effects of sports along with it.

For those who want to lose weight, the small rebounders are quite suitable. Swinging and jumping on an indoor trampoline has a significantly higher calorie consumption than jogging and is still easy on the joints. (Plus, it is great to watch TV while working out, as trampolining is silent.)

Garden trampolines are great for any child (and their parents) because playing is really fun. It also has many positive health and physical effects. Exercise keeps you healthy and young. Balance, sense of equilibrium, and coordination are improved and physical endurance also benefits.

Old people, rehab patients, or people with joint problems can keep fit very gently and safely on the trampoline. Not only does the workout involve minimal stress on the joints, it also stimulates lymphatic flow, stretches tendons and ligaments, and strengthens circulation.

Even athletes benefit from indoor or outdoor trampolines. By sparing the joints, there is no risk of injury – so endurance can be trained much more safely. Coordination and balance are crucial factors for almost any sport and last but not least, trampoline training also trains the deeper-lying supporting muscles.

There is only one thing we cannot guarantee with the garden trampolines: You let your child play on the trampoline all day so that they go to bed tired in the evening and fall asleep quickly. Sometimes that works, but not always - we do not know, either, where the little ones get their energy from. But we can guarantee that your child had fun all day!

The cardiojump fitness trampolines will be available exclusively from the Sport-Tiedje Group as of August 2019.
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