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Chiba has made a name for itself as a manufacturer of high-quality training gloves. Gloves by Chiba provide excellent support during strength training with heavy weights and relieve and stabilise the wrists. Durable leather and imitation leather are used for the materials. Chiba training gloves have comfortable padding, are non-slip, breathable, and ergonomically shaped. Women like to opt for the ladies' models in a feminine design. Find the Chiba glove that suits you at Sport-Tiedje's online shop – here exclusively, you get the Chiba glove of the Taurus edition, a private brand of Sport-Tiedje.

But Chiba has even more to offer: as an optimal complement to the training gloves, Chiba has a range of indispensable fitness accessories in the programme to make strength training particularly safe and effective. From the neck trainer to the weightlifting belt to arm and leg straps for more workout comfort on the pull-up bar, you train specific muscle groups and stabilise your spine with accessories by Chiba. To strength training with Chiba!
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About Chiba: quality from tradition

Chiba can look back already on a very long company history: over 160 years ago, Chiba turned the high art of glove production into a profession. The exceptional quality of Chiba's gloves and Chiba's craftsmanship even caught the eye of the Austrian emperor, and the company was quickly chosen as the imperial family's glove supplier.

The production of gloves used to be a lot more complex: leather had to be properly selected, tanned, sanded down to the right thickness, drawn out, and cut. If the glove maker processed just one part incorrectly, the whole glove was unusable.

But even today, the requirements for training gloves in terms of quality, functionality, and durability are high. China meets those high standards by carefully managing and controlling all steps of production from the very beginning. Chiba purchases all raw materials itself and inspects its suppliers according to high quality standards. Gloves are cut and sewn by skilled glove makers and experienced seamstresses. Thanks to ISO 9001-certified production, Chiba stands for superior quality and functionality, the highest possible protection, and long durability of all Chiba products and thereby a superior benefit for you.
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