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FitWood of Scandinavia stands for sustainable design fitness equipment made of Nordic wood. Inspired by Scandinavia's unspoiled nature, the sports equipment satisfies the taste of timeless Scandinavian interior design while fulfilling the practical requirements for an effective workout at home. Start your home workout with stylish Scandinavian fitness equipment by FitWood!
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FitWood lives the Scandinavian lifestyle

In Scandinavia, with its beautiful landscapes, people are convinced of a lifestyle in close connection with nature. In the past, hard outdoor work kept previous generations of Nordic people mentally and physically fit. FitWood continues that tradition with Nordic-inspired birch wood fitness equipment.

Wood as a central material

FitWood fitness equipment is largely made of Nordic raw materials. Wood is still one of the most important materials in Scandinavia: it is very durable and versatile in use, for example, for Scandinavian interior design – so why not for fitness equipment as well? Many years of experience in the fitness and wellness sector broadened the FitWood founders' view of what all can be made with wood. The result is fitness equipment made of Nordic birch wood, which is much too good to just put aside between workouts.

FitWood fitness equipment made in Finland

When manufacturing its fitness equipment, FitWood was convinced from the beginning to leave production and expertise in Finland. Every FitWood product is made of natural raw materials from and in Finland and carries the "made in Finland" quality mark. Together with the high-quality materials, that is the reason for the higher but realistic pricing – and a guarantee for long-lasting and sustainable fitness products that can be passed on to future generations.

FitWood – a young start-up with big ambitions

The FitWood company was born from the idea of producing stylish and durable fitness equipment that fits the Scandinavian style. When fitness equipment is so beautiful that it does not need to be hidden, it is much easier to work out with it regularly. FitWood consistently implements that idea with its design-strong fitness range. In further developing its products, FitWood values honest and reflective customer feedback, which is used to improve the equipment. Behind FitWood is a dedicated team with a big ambition: the young company wants to grow fast through top quality and a unique product design.
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