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Garmin Forerunner 645

ArtNr. GA-010-01863-30
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Valutazioni dei Clienti (18)
18 Valutazioni dei Clienti
4.94 di 5 stelle
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Immagine del prodotto
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Immagine del prodotto
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Immagine del prodotto
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Immagine del prodotto
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Immagine del prodotto
  • Garmin Forerunner 645 Immagine del prodotto

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Dettagli del prodotto: Garmin Forerunner 645

  • First-class pulse watch for cardio athletes and runners
  • Highlights – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Visual pulse measuring on the wrist
    • Multi-sport watch with many types of sport
    • Change of type of sports at the touch of a button
    • Slim, sporty, and light design
    • Compatible with the Running Dynamics Pod for a precise analysis of the running efficiency
    • Performance Widget summarises training effects and - if necessary - warns when it's too much or too less training
    • Weighs only 43 g
    • Determination of anaerobic threshold, VO2Max, recovery times, among other things
    • Display is multiple adjustable
    • MIP-Display (Memory in Pixel) with low battery consumption, transflective: very well to read even in sun exposure
  • Fitness tracker functions – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Pedometer
    • Inactivity alarm
    • Sleep monitoring (sleeping times, measuring whether it's a quiet or restless sleep)
    • Calorie consumption
    • Climbed floors / covered distance
    • Duration of physical activity / minutes of intensity
  • Waterproof up to 5 ATM (corresponds to a test pressure of 50 metres)
  • Sensors – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • GPS and GLONASS
    • Heart rate measuring on the wrist (Garmin Elevate technology)
    • Barometric altimeter
    • Compass
    • Gyroscope
    • Acceleration sensor
    • Music player
  • Watch functions – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Time/date
    • GPS time synchronisation
    • Automated summertime
    • Alarm clock
    • Timer
    • Stop watch
    • Times of sunrise and sundown
  • Music function – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • 4 GB
    • approx. 500 songs
    • Compatible with Bluetooth headphones
    • Deezer Premium+ interface
  • Heart rate functions – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Heart rate zones and alarms
    • Measuring on the wrist or by a separately available chest strap
    • Recording of heart rate while swimming with the separately available HRM-Tri chest strap
    • Testing of the heart rate variability for determining the fitness level
    • Calculation of the HRmax and displaying of the % HRmax
  • Running functions – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Pre-installed running profiles: running, indoor running, trail running
    • Distance, time, pace, route tracking
    • Evaluation of the running efficiency
    • With separate accessory: floor contact time, vertical movement (stride height), stride length in real-time
    • Cadence
    • Measuring of your fitness level: compares your performance with your average fitness level once you have run 6 to 20 minutes
    • Supports speed/cadence sensor – separately available
  • Swimming training, among other things with pre-installed swimming profiles, lane detection
  • Display specifications – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • MIP display (Memory in Pixel), transflective: even in sun exposure very well to read
    • Display size: 1.2 inches / 30.2 mm in diameter
    • Resolution: 240 x 240 pixels
  • Smartwatch functions – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Connect IQ: Apps, Designs, Widgets for download
    • Smart Notifications, for instance, calls or emails
    • Weather
    • Music fundtions
    • Create own display designs with Face It, for instance, load own photos on the display
    • Find my phone function
    • Remote control VIRB
    • Compatible with Garmin Connect Mobile
  • Lithium-ions battery, life:
    • Smart mode: up to seven days
    • GPS / HR mode: up to 12 hours
    • GPS + Music up to five hours
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth Smart, ANT+, WLAN
  • Dimensions:
    • 43 x 43 x 13 mm
    • 42 g
  • Delivery includes – Garmin Forerunner 645:
    • Standard: Forerunner 645, charge / data cable, short guide

Descrizione: Garmin Forerunner 645

At the moment, the demand on the Forerunner 645 models is much higher than the availability of goods. However, we still recommend to do a (pre-)order to avoid longer waiting times due to the high demand.

Garmin Forerunner 645

The Garmin Forerunner 645 is a powerful GPS sport watch with all important functions for running, cycling, swimming, and many more. The integrated music player is a new feature at Garmin, which can save up to 500 songs directly on the wrist. The streaming function with the supplier Deezer Premium+ is quite useful. Subscribers have the possibility to save thier favourite songs directly on the Forerunner 645 Music and to listen to it via the Bluetooth headphones while running. Furthermore, you can leave your phone and wallet at home. The Forerunner 645 Music supports the contact-free payment with Garmin Pay™ ready, so that you only need your watch when going shopping. By means of the integrated NFC chips, it is made possibnle to do cash-free payment via the watch with cooperating banks. The use is possible wherever the contact-free payment is supported.

Diversified training with the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music

Do not let your daily training become a routine! You can easily create a diversified training with the Garmin Forerunner 645: no matter whether it's running, cycling, swimming, elliptical cross trainer training, paddling sport, strength training, and many more. The Garmin Forerunner 645 presents you all data directly on the wrist for it. The running efficiency is especially important for runners to get the maximum success out of the sessions. If you want to analyse biomechanic values like cadence, stride length, floor contact time as well as balance of the floor contact time, vertical movement, and vertical condition in addition, you only require the Garmin Running Dynamics Pod or the Garmin Premium chest strap Run. You can also use the special functions for cycling and even for the training at the swimming pool. In water, the Forerunner 645 Music measures the distance, the speed, the number of strokes, and many more. Thanks to the Elevate™ technology for heart rate measuring on the wrist, you can monitor important sport and stress values with the Garmin Forerunner 645 Music and discover how your body reacts to different circumstances. Here, the device calculates your VO2max and your fitness age. These two values are indicators for your physical fitness, which can be improved on the basis of a regular training. The heart rate variability (HRV) is also saved to calculate and monitor the stress level. Here, the Forerunner 645 helps you to have a better understanding for potential stress factors. You get an ideal overview about your balance between stress and recovery. In case your stress factor rises too much, the Garmin sport watch helps you to relax with guided breathing exercises.

Being waterproof up to 5 ATM, it is easily possible to use the Garmin Forerunner 645 while taking a shower or when doing aquatic sport like swimming or stand-up paddling. The Forerunner 645 Music analyses for you the effectivity of your current training plan. Here, it monitors the training and the recovery so you can benefit from a better preparation for a competition or a training phase. The training level is a new performance tool, which analyses automatically your last training and performance indicators, and which informs you whether you build muscles with your training, if you have reached the top form or if you are overloaded. The new anaerobic training effect gives you an overview about an important part of the training and informs whether your training improves the ability to do a very intensive training. You can even let display your general training load. Here, your training volume of the last seven days is compared with the optimal zone for the fitness level and the last training.

Garmin Forerunner 645 – the perfect companion for every day

Either sun, rain or snow - the Forerunner 645 is ideal for these conditions. The Garmin Chroma display is well to read even in sun exposure and is protected by the especially hard-wearing Corning Gorilla Glass. The GPS sport watch is your reliable companion for every day. It is waterproof up to 5 ATM (corresponds to a test pressure in a depth of 50 metres), so that it can be worn while you are taking a shower or go swimming. Offering a battery life of up to seven days in the smart watch mode and five hours in the GPS mode, the Forerunner 645 Music is also a running partner, which keeps in step with you and supports your motivation with music. In addition, the wristband can be changed without tools thanks to the Quick-Release strap clasp. That makes this watch look perfect for every outfit.

Condizioni di garanzia: Garmin Forerunner 645

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Garmin Forerunner 645 Test & Valutazioni:

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4.94 di 5 stelle
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de da Magnus al 3.11.2018 5 Variante: without music
Ich besitze die 645 Music seit wenigen Stunden und der erste Eindruck ist super. Die Uhr ist toll verarbeitet, der Edelstahlring verleiht eine edle Optik und sie ist angenehm leicht zu tragen – fast nicht spürbar! Die Bedienung mit den Tasten ist etwas fummelig, man hat sich hieran jedoch schnell gewöhnt (Beim Laufen ... [continuare a leggere]dürfte die Tastenbedienung auf jeden Fall von Vorteil sein ggü. dem Touchscreen anderer Modelle). In so kurzer Zeit ist es unmöglich, alle Funktionen zu kennen. Es fällt aber auf, dass sehr viele Einstellungen individuell anpassbar sind (Zifferblatt, Widgets, Laufansicht,...), sodass jeder die Uhr individuell an seine Bedürfnisse einstellen kann. Absolut genial ist die SPOTIFY-offline-Funktionalität. Über Garmin Express habe ich die App heruntergeladen und Playlisten synchronisiert. Die Verbindung zu Bluetooth-Kopfhörer (JBL Reflect Mini) und Lautsprecher (Bose Resolve) war in wenigen Sekunden vorhanden und hielt auch über mehrere Meter stand. Mit der Uhr an der Hand und Kopfhörern im Ohr und ohne Smartphone) macht das Laufen richtig Spaß! Beim Display darf man keine Bildauflösung und Farbkontraste eines Smartphones oder einer Apple Watch erwarten. Dafür ist das Display umso stromsparender und in der Sonne sehr gut ablesbar. Die Bildschirmreaktion nach dem Tastendrücken könnte etwas schneller sein, ist aber kein Problem. Fazit zum ersten Eindruck: Super! Wer (ebenso wie ich) den Fokus aufs Laufen legt, von seiner Uhr umfangreiche Informationen erhalten will und Spotify (offline) nutzen möchte, dürfte von dieser Uhr begeistert sein! Ich freue mich darauf, die Uhr ausgiebig durchzutesten. [meno indicazioni]
de da Tanja al 23.9.2018 5 Variante: with music
Die Garmin Forerunner 645 Music ist meine erste Laufuhr von Garmin. Ich hatte bisher eine Fitnessuhr von Polar. An die Bedienung muss man sich erst einmal gewöhnen, geht aber schnell und sie ist einfach. Die Funktionen und Auswertungsmöglichkeiten sind sehr vielfältig. Die Farbe des Armbands in Kirschrot ist etwas knal... [continuare a leggere]liger als auf der Abbildung, aber immer noch gut anzusehen. Die Uhr hat einen stolzen Preis, aber ich habe die Investition bisher nicht bereut. [meno indicazioni]
de da Sarah al 17.9.2018 5 Variante: without music
Habe die Uhr nun seit etwa vier Wochen in Gebrauch. Bisher bin ich durchweg zufrieden :) Die Musikfunktion ist gut, schade, dass man Musik nicht per Handy übertragen kann. Die Bluetooth-Verbindung ist auch sehr gut, bisher nur etwas Interferenzen, wenn man durch Menschenmassen läuft. Ansonsten nur zu empfehlen. Wenn ... [continuare a leggere]man sich die Lünette genau anschaut sieht man im Licht ein paar kleine Kratzer, diese sind jedoch nur zu sehen, wenn man das Licht drin spiegeln lässt. Kann ich nur empfehlen zu kaufen :) [meno indicazioni]
de da Monika al 5.9.2018 5 Variante: without music
Der Garmin Forerunner 645 ist die beste Fitnessuhr die ich bis jetzt hatte. Die Handhabung ist total einfach. Es lassen sich problemlos weitere individuelle Aktivitäten anlegen. Ich habe mir noch den Brustgurt dazu gekauft. So erhalte ich noch genauere Ergebnisse. Ich habe schon einige Garmin und Polar Fitnessuhren aus... [continuare a leggere]probiert und werde jetzt nur noch die Forerunner 645 verwenden. Die Musikfunktion habe ich noch nicht ausprobiert, da ich dafür eher den Walkman benutze. [meno indicazioni]
de da MARCUS al 11.8.2018 5 Variante: without music
Garmin Forerunner 645 music. Die Forrunner 645 ist meine 1. Laufuhr und nach 4 Wochen Nutzung bin ich sehr begeistert. Die Bedienung ist nach einer kurzen Eingewöhnungszeit sehr intuitiv. Man kann alles so konfigurieren und einstellen wie man es gerne hätte. Tipps und Anleitungen wie was geht findet man schnell und üb... [continuare a leggere]erall im Netz. Was ich wirklich herausragend finde, ist die Navigation via Minimap und Richtungsanweisungen. Tour planen auf die Uhr übertragen und los gehts? Das sperrige Handy kann zu hause bleiben. Mein Fazit wer gerne Läuft oder Wandert, kommt mit der Forerunner auch in Unbekannten Regionen weiter. [meno indicazioni]
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