Slacklining for everyone!
Gibbon is a manufacturer of multifunctional slackline fitness equipment that perfectly combines effective balance and balanced strength training, allowing for a comprehensive workout for the whole body. Involved in the fitness market since 2007, Gibbon has quickly become a successful supplier of fitness equipment for slacklining, a popular sport worldwide. As organiser of the World Slackline Masters and sponsor of hopeful slackline talents, Gibbon underlines its great passion for that sport and has contributed significantly to its spread. At our Gibbon shop, sports enthusiasts and fitness novices will find the ideal complement to their strength and endurance training with a Gibbon product. Gibbon - slacklining for everyone.
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Gibbon fitness equipment: setting new training stimuli with a slackline

Slacklining specifically trains the user's ability to balance and concentrate. In the process, the user balances on a stretch band attached and stretched between two points. Due to the fact that the stretch band stretches along with the user's load, exercising on it requires a continuous adjustment of body movement in order to maintain balance. Slacklining is particularly suitable for sports that have a high coordination requirement. With its high-quality slackline range, Gibbon offers skiers, martial artists, riders, or climbers, for example, an optimal additional workout. A Gibbon fitness device is also the ideal companion for everyday challenges to body balance and coordination.

Gibbon fitness equipment: even more workout fun with the Gibbon Slackline app

As a modern company, Gibbon knows about the high demand of athletes for multifunctional and varied workouts. Gibbon meets that demand not only through its equipment itself, but also with its innovative Slackline app. Under the motto "Slack yourself fit with our fitness workout", users of the app become part of Gibbon's global slackline community. Slackline exercises of all kinds are explained there in a simple and comprehensible way. Workouts can be customised to individual user needs and successes and progress can be digitally shared with friends around the world, making workouts even more entertaining and effective.
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