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Holofit VR Fitness

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Holofit VR Fitness

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  • 3-month package € 189,00
  • 3-month package includes sensor € 229,00
  • 12-month package € 249,00
  • 12-month package includes sensor € 289,00
  • Lifetime package € 379,00
  • Lifetime package includes sensor € 399,00
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Dettagli del prodotto: Holofit VR Fitness

  • You can download the app free-of-charge in any app or Play Store
  • A smartphone compatible with the VR holder is required
  • Compatible iPhones (recommended): iPhone XS, iphone XS Max, iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • With the VRMark app, you can check whether your Android mobile is compatible with the HOLOFIT VR Fitness app
  • Every package includes a set of VR goggles and the specified membership
  • 3-month package: Contains VR goggles, an access code for 3 months and also, depending on the package, a cadence sensor
  • 12-month package: Contains VR goggles, an access code for 3 months and also, depending on the package, a cadence sensor
  • Lifetime package: includes the VR goggles, a lifelong access code and depending on the package In addition, a cadence sensor
  • You decide which is the right package for your needs
  • the sensor is only required if your fitness device (Crosstrainer, indoor cycle or exercise bike) does not meet the FTMS Bluetooth standard
  • Concept2 PM5 models can be connected without a sensor
  • With the Waterrower rowing machine, you just need the COM module
  • You raise your motivation and performance
  • Never be bored again when you're training
  • Experience delightful adventures and explore new worlds
  • Experience and benefit from at least 100 VR workouts and different modes
  • Exploration - enjoy the beapressureenden VR-worlds and collect trophies whilst you're training
  • cardio goals: burning of fat, cardio or HIIT at the right level for you.
  • Time attack - Beat your own personal records or try to outperform another user
  • Multiplayer - you can meet with friends or another users and train in small groups or start competitions
  • Become part of the growing Holofit community and reach your goal together and through play
  • Also use the free-of-chargee Holofit Companion app and keep track of your effects

Descrizione: Holofit VR Fitness

VR Fitness - Discover thrilling virtual worlds

With HOLOFIT VR Fitness reach goals and more, whilst you have fun during training.

You just need motivation to begin training and to improve your fitness and health - HOLOFIT VR Fitness helps you with everything else!

Choose between at least 100 VR-workouts and many different worlds. Travel to Babylon, Paris or dive 1000m below sea level. Through regular updates, the possibilities are pretty much endless and boredom is not worth thinking about.

The experience is virtual, but the effects are real!

HOLOFIT VR Fitness by Holodia

Holodia has set itself the task of bringing fun, intensive training sessions and competitive drive in a compact app directly into your home.

The HOLOFIT VR Fitness app splits the available workouts in four categories. Depending on your needs, you can select the right mode for itself.


Experience and enjoy the lovingly-formed VR worlds in full extent and without time constraints. You can embark on the search for trophies and try to collect them all, whilst you benefit from your workout at the same time.

cardio goals

Adapt your training according to your needs: Burning of fat, Cardio or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) at the right level for you.

Time Attack

Once a record has been set, you can improve your individual score im competitive game or the effects another user outperform. spirit of competition and motivation are guaranteed.


Have everyone collaborate through training in small groups or competitions. In addition to the different workout-categories, HOLOFIT VR Fitness offers you the chance to reach your goals through a virtual trainer. Set yourself goals and your personal trainer will support you in the achievement of your goals and send you the right way.

Holofit VR goggles & cadence sensor

In combination with your smartphone, the Holofit VR goggles lets you experience thrilling and demanding VR worlds.

The VR goggles proves convincing through their high-quality quality and appearance. Besides, you can very quickly adapt the goggles to your individual size and form of your head.

Through the very low weight of the VR goggles, you feel nothing, so that you can wear them and totally concentrate on VR experience.

The Bluetooth capable cadence sensor allows you to stay as well connected as with every fitness device (exercise bike, exercise machine, Crosstrainer or indoor cycle), using the Holofit VR-fitness app. For this to happen, the sensor has to be held in place on your fitness device and It is important that a rotational movement emerges. Only then can the right one values be transmitted.

What do I need to use the Holofit?

Holofit connects, via the cadence sensor, to your fitness device and transfers the training data onto the Holofit platform.

For rowing machines from Waterrower and Concept2 , the cadence sensor is not required. The PM5 monitor von Concept2 can connect without further accessories. For the Waterrower rowing machine you will still also need the COM module or SmartRow, for the Holofit to connect with your device.

To start your VR training, you need a fitness device, the VR goggles, the cadence sensor and your smartphone. When you have fulfilled these requirements and have selected the membership that suits you best (3-month, 12-month or lifetime), nothing more stands in the way of your travels in the virtual world.

Which package is right for me?

When you'd like to use the HOLOFIT VR Fitness app with a rowing machine from Waterrower or Concept2, one of the three sets without a cadence sensor will be the right one. To connect the app to your Waterrower connected, The COM module must also be purchased. You can find this below, under Accessories.

Should you like to use a Crosstrainer, a exercise bike or a indoor cycle, the sets with a cadence sensor would be ideal..

Do you already have VR goggles and would now like a cadence sensor to suit or to buy a valid licence for the Holofit VR Fitness app? No problem!

Please contact us directly, either in store or via our helpline.

Condizioni di garanzia: Holofit VR Fitness

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Holofit VR Fitness Test & Valutazioni:

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es da Carlos Pons al 5.2.2021 5 Modello: HOLO-12M
Primera prueba realizada y es una manera muy efectiva de realizar los entrenamientos. Real y muy divertida.Lo uso con el WaterRower y la experiencia ha sido espectacular. Quiero conectarla a la cinta y al rodillo KICK core.
nl da Anonym al 31.12.2020 5 Variante: 12-month package
De vr maakt het trainen een stuk leuker. De brl zit lekker. De werkt goed met mijn telefoon kan makkelijk koppelen met mijn fiets. De vr wereld ziet er goed uit en is heel uitgebreid
de da Moritz Steinhauer al 20.12.2020 4 Variante: 12-month package includes sensor
Es ist abwechslungsreich und mal etwas ganz neues was mit der Brille zu trainieren
es da Ernesto Pérez al 11.12.2020 5 Modello: HOLO-12M
Totalmente adictivo. El tiempo vuela y los kilómetros pasan mientras me adentro en mundos virtuales. Mucho por explorar...
de da Anonym al 4.12.2020 5 Variante: 12-month package includes sensor
Diese Brille hat endlich wieder meine Lust auf mein Rudergerät erweckt. Sehr beeindruckende Strecken und ein genialer Race-Modus der einen richtig motiviert!

Holofit VR Fitness Accessori - il nostro consiglio:

€ 39,90
Modulo WaterRower Com per monitor S4 Nuovamente disponibile da ca. settimana del calendario 12 (22.03.21-26.03.21)
€ 69,00
€ 250,00
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