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Powerbands are elastic resistance bands in different strengths that provide targeted resistance to muscles. Working out anywhere and anytime, whether on the road, in the office, or at home: that is exactly what training with the Powerbands by Let's Bands is all about. Probably the smallest fitness studio in the world gives people of all training levels and ages the opportunity to achieve their personal workout goal completely independently of time and place and at a really affordable price. Whether endurance or strength training, gentle figure shaping, or targeted muscle building: the versatile powerbands sports equipment is suitable for almost all sports and workout levels.
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About Powerbands by Let's Bands

Powerbands is the quality brand of Let's Bands, one of the leading companies for training with resistance bands. Thanks to its holistic concept of a training device that can be used at any time, Let's Bands was able to establish itself as the market leader for resistance bands within a short period of time. The sports expertise of Let's Bands is the unique selling point of Powerbands. The company continuously works on the further development of Powerbands training bands.

The Powerbands app

Innovation from Powerbands: The free Powerbands app by Let's Bands with select workouts offers training according to the latest sports science findings and is maximally effective. With four workouts (warm-up, muscle building, abs-legs-buttocks, and stretching), Powerbands enthusiasts work out anywhere, anytime – just like the company's motto. The app promises the highest quality of instruction and performance of the exercises, so that you reach your training goals even faster. Let's train with Powerbands!

The Powerbands history

What had long been part of the everyday training routine of numerous professional athletes in the US first gained attention in Germany at the 2006 World Cup, when professional football players trained with elastic bands. Sports scientist Nina Romm and professional trainer Niko Schmitz, who themselves gained training experience in the US, recognised the potential of the small colourful bands as well. The two fitness experts used the resistance bands more and more in their own workout sessions and developed exercise series tailored to them – from muscle building to athletic total-body workouts. Together with the know-how of sports-enthusiast entrepreneur Uno Gomes, the three finally founded the company "Let's Bands" in 2013 - the framework for a targeted further development of the Powerbands resistance bands was created. The result is a holistic functional training concept that includes not only coordinated resistance bands but also a workout programme perfectly tailored to those bands with numerous varied exercises. The acquisition of Let's Bands by the American fitness company "Active Resistance Fitness LLC" in 2015 meant another step towards the future: the training concept now also reaches people outside of Europe and the education and training programmes are continuously extended.
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