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PROspeedrope develops and produces skipping ropes and fitness accessories with "Made in Germany" quality. PROspeedrope products are equally popular among athletes, clubs, and fitness clubs thanks to their high-quality workmanship and pronounced reliability. Handmade, PROspeedrope skipping ropes are made of extra sturdy ball bearings, 90° rope deflection for a smooth run, and steel ropes with a PVC coating. In order to optimally adapt to the needs and physical conditions of users, the ropes are individually adjustable in length. Skipping ropes of the PROspeedrope quality brand are used in the professional and leisure sectors and are considered in a wide variety of sports. Whether in preparation for a triathlon, as a proven training device in martial arts, or targeted functional training in the living room at home - there are practically no limits to the use of PROspeedrope products. Training novices and competitive athletes of all ages will find the right skipping rope for their personal workout goals at our store.
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Train body and mind optimally with PROspeedrope skipping ropes

A workout with a PROspeedrope skipping rope is great for improving your endurance, strengthening the cardiovascular system, and exercising numerous muscle groups in a functional way, for example, in the leg and buttocks area. In addition, that effectively promotes fat burning, which makes the workout with skipping ropes particularly popular for losing unwelcome kilos and get closer to the desired weight. Thus, with the appropriate intensity, you can already burn up to 500 calories in just 15 minutes of training. Skipping with PROspeedrope products will not only make you fitter and healthier. During performances with them, the body will diligently also release endorphins, that is, the well-known "happy hormones". Increased physical well-being is often accompanied by a happier mental state. A skipping rope by PROspeedrope is stowed away in a flash and saves space, and it can be taken and used practically anywhere.

The PROspeedropes company history

Behind the brand PROspeedrope is the passionate and active martial artist Thomas Käbisch. A long-time and intensive user of skipping ropes himself, Käbisch was dissatisfied with the lack of durability of conventional skipping ropes. From that dissatisfaction to find skipping ropes of the quality that met his high standards, Thomas Käbisch started to develop his own speedropes. Initially created exclusively for his own needs and the immediate private environment, Thomas Käbisch's creations quickly became known to an international user community as well. Today, PROspeedrope skipping ropes are among the most innovative and best on the market and enjoy cult status among numerous enthusiastic athletes from a wide range of sectors.
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