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The virtual world of fitness mirrors

Virtual world
Virtual world
Those who want to keep fit at home will find perfect opportunities in the field of online fitness. Having your own home gym offers flexibility and independence, and if you think you need to purchase a variety of fitness equipment to train successfully at home, you're wrong. State-of-the-art fitness mirrors offer a motivational complete package of virtual entertainment, expertise, feedback and incentive, in a way you're probably not used to at home.

The visually very appealing fitness mirrors adorn any room and offer users the possibility of countless virtually guided workouts with absolute top trainers. Your own exercises can be checked very well with a fitness mirror and compared with the displayed target movement. So, exercises performed incorrectly are now a thing of the past. A fitness mirror therefore provides an optimal workout option, it also enhances existing home gyms and takes workouts to a whole new level in the comfort of your own home.

Discreet and effective

Discreet and effective
Discreet and effective
Fitness mirrors fit into almost any home. Their modern look suggests they are an ordinary full-length mirror rather than a high-tech fitness gadget. But they are really effective!
Fitness mirrors are free-standing, mounted on a solid base plate that gives the mirror the stability it needs in its position.
Free-standing fitness mirrors usually have an overall mirror height of about 130 cm to about 185 cm. Many fitness mirrors therefore allow for a life-size representation of movements. Thanks to the large base plate, the fitness mirrors stand very securely. The majority of a fitness mirror is made up of its reflective surface. The Smart HD touchscreen display integrated behind the mirror glass is approx. 50 cm to over 1 m in size, depending on the model, and is not visible when the fitness mirror is not switched on.
When the fitness mirror is in use, the display provides good video quality through the mirror glass.
The fitting sound for the workout is provided via inconspicuously placed speakers. In addition, the fitness mirrors are compatible with Bluetooth headphones.

Depending on the model, the required weights and sports equipment can be stored either inside the fitness mirror or behind it, making them invisible after the workout. Barbells or dumbbells, resistance bands, fitness or yoga mats can therefore always be stored within reach and are ready for use at any time. With the help of a fitness mirror, you can virtually explore whole new workout areas with ease. Cardio or strength training can be wonderfully jazzed up with streamed training exercises, and for interested users, a variety of other sports options are available, such as HIIT training, Pilates, yoga, stretching, relaxation and much more.

Top training thanks to professional trainers

Top Training
Top Training
Most fitness mirrors rely on the use of the iFit virtual workout app for the professional workout experience.
iFit is known for employing some of the best trainers from all sports fields and experts in professional visual design. The video quality is therefore outstanding.
The exercises and workouts shown are recorded either in a gym or in attractive outdoor locations. It quickly becomes apparent that a lot of time is devoted to the important details, so as not to create any ambiguity for the user.
The trainers are motivating and optimistic in their instructional videos and always encourage without being too pushy. The beginner workouts stand out especially, because the trainers provide detailed instructions for each exercise that are easy to understand and execute. New trainers, programmes and exercises are added to the iFit database on a regular basis, and you'll be surprised at the wealth of workouts that await you when you visit your fitness mirror.
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