Learning by Moving since 1932
The traditional Danish company Winther is known around the world for its high-quality toy vehicles in the typical red and black design, which ideally promote the healthy development of children and give them the joy of independent movement. The children's vehicles enrich private households, institutions such as kindergartens and schools around the world. With over 80 years of experience, Winther tricycles and toy vehicles are a byword for quality, outstanding functional design, and well thought-out usage concepts. Winther toy vehicles accompany generations of children safely through childhood and playfully motivate them to actively drive through life.
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The classic Winther tricycle - a symbol of Danish quality work

Everyone knows it: the red Winther tricycle in classic design, which stands for safety and proven quality like no other – a symbol of Danish quality work that can be passed down through generations. Manufactured since 1935, more than 2 million copies of it have already given children the joy of play and free movement.

The Winther philosophy

Winther believes in learning by moving, as movement makes an important contribution to children's motor, cognitive, and social development and boosts their self-confidence. The combination of play and movement motivates children to learn and to rediscover the world time and again.

Quality and design for children and families

Winther has always focused on developing high-quality toy vehicles and bicycles for children and adults. For Winther, quality is more than just the use of superior materials, it is rather the interplay of design, functionality, and play value. That is why Winther works with educators, physical therapists, scientists, and designers. The result is timeless and durable bikes and toy vehicles for the whole family that inspire a passion for driving every day.

Proven tradition from Winther

A.Winther A/S is one of the oldest bike manufacturers in Denmark. Its roots go back to 1932: Anders Winther began manufacturing tricycles on a small scale after a traffic accident prevented him from continuing his physically difficult job as a blacksmith. What started as a hobby quickly became an international success. In 1955, Winther exported its tricycles, still a true classic among children's vehicles, abroad for the first time. Today, Winther still stands for the same values and principles that made the company so successful in its origins: quality, safety, and design. The family-run company is already in its 3rd generation. Winther exports its high-quality toy vehicles for crèches, kindergartens, shelters, and schools to over 30 countries around the world. The Danish brand manufacturer continuously works on the development of its products in order to offer its customers the best choice on the market of high-quality toy vehicles.
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