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XLC is a young, internationally oriented brand for bike components and bike accessories at a high technical level. XLC products convince users not only with high quality, stability, and lightness but also with an excellent price-performance ratio. The components of XLC are always state of the art and perfectly matched to the respective area of application, each tyre, and each biker. With the XLC bicycle accessories at Sport-Tiedje's online shop, you are always well advised.
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XLC makes biker hearts beat faster

Before you can buy XLC products, they are subjected to strict quality tests in everyday use. The result is bike components that cyclists can rely on in every situation. The development and production of the components are carried out in collaboration with international partners.

XLC – member of the Winora Group

XLC products benefit from 100 years of experience in bike construction and in the distribution of components and spare parts: the exclusive brand belongs to the Winora Group, which in addition to XLC includes the brands Winora, Staiger, Haibike, and E. Wiener Bike Parts. The Winora Group was founded at the end of 2001 from Winora-Staiger GmbH and E. Wiener Bike Parts GmbH & Co KG. The roots of both companies go back to the beginning of the 20th century and know how to combine tradition with trendsetting logistics and IT. The Winora Group supplies the bike market with bike components and accessories through the parts wholesaler E. Wiener Bike Parts GmbH, and those items are stored and picked in Schweinfurt.

The in-house component brand XLC, with which also the Winora tyres are equipped in part, has gained significantly in importance in recent years. The young brand was first used in 2003 in the equipment of bikes of the brands Haibike and Winora, primarily for handlebars, stem units, and seat posts. Just two years later, XLC, until then owned by the Accell Group, is handed over to the subsidiary Winora Group in a lead role. Since then, XLC has been an internationally sought-after brand for high-quality bike components that are sold worldwide.
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