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Airex has been the Number One supplier of high-quality therapy, sports, and leisure mats and balance pads for over 50 years. Practical accessories for safe stowage and storage of Airex exercise mats optimally round off the product range. The many years of experience, the expertise of the market leader, and Swiss premium quality are incorporated into the development of Airex products in a tangible way. High-quality materials for professional use guarantee that the quality is maintained for a long time even after intensive use. The gymnastics mats with the typical horizontal stripes are used not only at therapy practices and rehab clinics but also at schools, kindergartens, sports clubs, and fitness studios – they can simply be used anywhere!
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La scelta di un appoggio ottimale stimola al movimento. I Tappeti Airex per il Fitness e il tempo libero si distinguono particolarmente attraverso il loro perfetto ammortizzamento. La materia plastica espansa di alta qualitá, fa si che i tappeti non si deformino. Il produttore tedesco Gaugler & Lutz é uno specialista di materiali plastici espansi e di altri prodotti industriali. La lunga esperienza e la propria produzione, consentono ad Airex di avere la predominanza sul mercato di pregiati tappeti per il Fitness.
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