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Gyroboardis the manufacturer of the new, multifunctional sports board that combines the best features of balance boards and balls. With Gyroboard, balance and coordination training is not only very challenging but also incredibly fun! The Gyroboard is made for people of every age and fitness level, as it can be customised to fit your needs. Athletes from martial arts, rugby, skiing, and water sports along with physiotherapists and personal trainers worldwide rely on the Gyroboard for balance training. Beginners simply supplement the Gyroboard with the handrail – buy now from Sport-Tiedje's online shop at a low price.
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Innovation from the land of extremes

The Gyroboard was developed in Kaiapoi, a small town on the South Island of New Zealand in the Canterbury region. The concept was already in place at the beginning of the 2000s. After more than eight years of development and testing, the Gyroboard now convinces athletes, trainers, and physiotherapists with its exercise variety as a particularly safe and effective balance board.

Balance training and core training for a better quality of life

Balance boards are used in physiotherapy and rehabilitation to prevent falls and injuries or to gently rebuild muscles after injuries. But the Gyroboard is also a popular workout device in fitness and functional training. After all, balance is an essential part of daily life. On the Gyroboard, you train your balance and strengthen your core muscles – skills that are important for an active life and support you in everyday movements.
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