Walnut WaterRower rowing machine performance

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  • Stylish, walnut, solid-core-wood rowing machine
  • Integrated smartphone and tablet holder (140-206 mm)
  • Equipped with XL rails - so even people with a height of over 2 m can train perfectly
  • The newly installed "professional foot straps" offer you even better support and adjustment options during your workout
  • Transport wheels included - train when and where you like
  • Compatible with the SmartRow app - available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store
  • Save your training data and track your training progress
  • SmartRow intelligent idler pulley included
  • The pictured tablet is not included within the scope of delivery
  • Peso max. utente: 150 kg
  • Dimensioni - Walnut WaterRower rowing machine performance: (L) 220 cm x (l) 56 cm x (A) 52 cm
    richiuso - Walnut WaterRower rowing machine performance: (L) 52 cm x (l) 56 cm x (A) 220 cm

New technology - tried and tested quality

With the Walnut WaterRower rowing machine performance WaterPower combines the classic rowing machine with other modern components to take your training to the next level. The advanced rowing ergometer already has all the components relevant to performance-oriented training integrated.

SmartRow - performance output analyser

The Walnut WaterRower rowing machine performance is innately equipped with the intelligent and precise output analyser SmartRow. SmartRow replaces the familiar S4 performance monitor of the conventional WaterRower.
With the SmartRow module, you can precisely measure the complete power and the stroke length. The data generated is wirelessly transferred to the free SmartRow app via Bluetooth.
The SmartRow app is available to iOS and Android users.

The best rowing experience

In addition to the SmartRow technology, the Performance rowing machine provides your training with even more highlights.
The installed XL rails also enable people with a height of over 2 m to enjoy the appealing rowing experience. Exploit the opportunity of a full rowing motion and dig into the reserves. In this way, your best time to date will quickly become a moment of the past.
Alongside the renovations mentioned, the WaterRower has also changed the footplate and handle. The new pro foot straps fit perfectly to any foot and the wider handle is ideally suited to larger athletes.

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